Terms, Conditions & Standards

Third Parties
We recognize that Third Parties have an important role in our success. We strive to conduct business only with Third Parties who share our commitment to the Standards of Business Conduct and Ethics for Third Parties (3P Standards). We encourage Third Parties to adopt and apply the 3P Standards, and to have processes and/or systems in place to support operating in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, guidelines and industry codes. Specific requirements for adherence to the 3P Standards are included in contracts with third parties.

Szállítási feltételek szabályzata
Annak érdekében, hogy teljesítsük kötelezettségeinket, és tiszteletben tartjuk beszállítóink érdekeit, kérjük a beszállítókat, hogy ismerkedjenek meg az Általános Szerződési Feltételekkel.
Speaker Brief
Speaker engagement protocol document