Payment Terms and Remittance information

Payment Terms & Frequency

Standard BMS pay terms for every purchase order is 2% discount for payment in 10 days, NET 90 days.

A vendor’s pay term will be displayed on each Purchase Order.

Due dates and cash discounts will be computed from the date an undisputed invoice is received by the Buyer's Accounts Payable department.
Except where payment discount terms apply, all payments by or on behalf of Buyer will be processed on the next scheduled payment run following the payment due date.

Payment frequency is consolidated into two payment runs made on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month. Payments due after the 1st Tuesday will be paid on the 3rd Tuesday of the month. Payments due after the 3rd Tuesday will be paid on the 1st Tuesday of the following month. If the 1st or 3rd Tuesday falls on a holiday, the payment will be executed the following day.

U. S. Internal Revenue Service requirements: In order to receive payment from Bristol-Myers Squibb, all suppliers MUST provide a valid W-9 form on file for 1099 tax reporting purposes.

Electronic Payment Services

Bristol-Myers Squibb is eliminating the issuance of paper checks and migrating to electronic settlement. The preferred process is for all of our suppliers to be enrolled in the SAP ARIBA network. This service allows you to receive electronic payments from Bristol-Myers Squibb along with an e-mail of the remittance data associated with each payment. Fast, easy, and accurate - it's a simpler way to receive your payments.

For supplies not on the SAP ARIBA network, we want you to change the delivery method for receiving your remittance. If you fill out the details below, we will arrange to communicate all future payment remittances via e-mail (electronic​​ally):

  • Your company vendor number with Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • Your email address for remittance
  • Name of contact at your company & Telephone number

Please email these details to

The benefits to you are: -

1) Much faster notification, and in most cases receiving the information before the funds arrive.
2) The elimination of lost remittance in the postal system.

It will be important that you re-send any changes to the e-mail address, to ensure continuity of delivery. This can be done by advising us via the email