Explore Invoicing Methods and Requirements

Invoicing Methods

Our preferred and most efficient invoice receipt option is via electronic invoicing via Tungsten Network platform.  

We strongly encourage you to utilize this method. If you are not yet registered with Tungsten, please register today at

If you have an existing Tungsten account, simply chose to connect to BMS as new customer through your existing access.

If you need further guidance on the enrolment or if you are unable to pursue electronic invoicing option please contact for detailed information on your options. 

Invoice Requirements

Bristol-Myers Squibb Invoice Policy Checklist

Invoices should always be in an original format and sent to the invoicing address on the order confirmation.
All presented invoices must conform to your local country VAT requirements i.e. Tax point date, name of supplier, VAT registration, VAT rate etc.

Important Information :

  • DO NOT send acknowledgements, confirmations, or correspondence, to the billing address, as they will be discarded.
  • Invoices must contain a valid Bristol-Myers Squibb purchase order number. Invoices will be returned, if the Bristol-Myers Squibb purchase order number is not indicated.
  • Invoices must be legible. Please do not send invoices on coloured paper and DO NOT SHADE OR HIGHLIGHT invoice information, as this may prove difficult to read by our scanning system.
  • If additional items are added to an invoice, the purchase order must reflect these additions.
  • Please note any differences between the purchase order unit of measure and the invoice unit of measure, and explain or provide the conversion factor for each related invoice.
  • Bristol-Myers standard payment terms are net 90. Bristol-Myers Squibb pays based on purchase order terms. If there is a question regarding payment terms, please contact your Bristol-Myers Squibb Purchasing agent at the relevant site.
  • Please include your company's phone and email on invoices.
  • Please provide a unique invoice number for each separate invoice.
  • DO NOT send Bristol-Myers Squibb invoices if you have already sent us the invoices via EDI or the Web EDI processes. If you are unable to stop the output of invoices already sent to us via EDI or Web-EDI, please change the address to your company's address so that the invoices are not sent to Bristol-Myers Squibb.
  • Please provide complete "ship to" address on each invoice.


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